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Cadence invests in people, energy and diversity as we see long-term value creation the only way out to a successful investment journey.

Founded in 2018, Cadence Ventures has since then started searching for great founders. We look for the ones who dare to push their limits, the ones who put all on the line to grow their business. We have never hold back on our investment to ensure they are greenlined to success once we’ve partnered with these founders. But they are extremely rare, and more valuable than the business models themselves.

Cadence Ventures holds its own belief and philosophy for investment. We take issuing cheque as a mark of the beginning of commitment, and we sees business we invested as our own. Therefore, we will always be stand by the founders whenever they need us. But that does not mean we work along with everyone, because Cadence shares only one objective, the Value Creation.

Cadence Ventures is a registered VCMC under Security Commission Malaysia. As one of the top-tier VC in the region, Cadence usually leads investment in Seed and Series-A stage companies. We strive to be your first institutional support on way to the top. We ensure delighted innovations by investing in and helping teams with a mindset setting collaboration ahead of isolation, specialisation ahead of generalism and rapid scalability ahead of immediate profitability. We also help owners of established companies continue their legacies as they seek to transition out of a business.

We believe our founders and when they win, we make sure they take more than what they deserve.


A multi-disciplinary combination of capabilities to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Mr. John Lim is currently active as a Partner at the growth equity firm Challenger UK. Prior to that he had been Group CTO for RHB Capital Bhd. and Group CIO as well as head of strategy for Raja Garuda Mas Group in Indonesia.

In total he has over 25 years of investment management and consulting experience covering manufacturing and financial services industries in Asia, US, South America and Australia. During those years he worked for companies like Hong Leong Group, Symix Systems, System Software Associates and SilTerra Malaysia.

John Lim

Managing Partner

Mr. Knapp is currently active as a Managing Partner at the growth equity firm Challenger UK. Additionally, he fulfils his duty as Chairman at the digital Banking platform scale360 and acts as a Cofounder at the digital LQID Bank.

In total he has 40 years of consulting experience within the financial industry and has overseen the digital transformations of a number of commercial & central banks, advised governments on the implementation of wealth and asset management programs. Furthermore he managed consulting operations for Accenture, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and IBM Global Services.

Hubert W.E. Knapp


Wye Joon is the former Vice President of, one of the 6 Securities Commission-licensed equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform operators in Malaysia. Being in the position to lead ASEAN’s first ECF platform, Wye Joon has helped Asian start-ups, small and medium sized companies to raise funds from pool of investors. Within 2-and-a-half years of his lead, model has successfully matured from scratch, achieving market leadership position.

Prior to his contribution to success, Wye Joon was an entrepreneurial leader who amassed over 24 years of experience in strategic business planning, including strategic finance, management, marketing. Wye Joon eventually compiles his industry intelligence and led these companies through start-ups, turnaround and expansion phases, recording significant milestones in each of the company profiles.

Cheah Wye Joon

Venture Partner


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